From the Ashes

In 2012, Michelle and I started the Blood & Fire Saga. It was a story we’d been toying around with for over a decade already, and it seemed past time we did it properly. Of course, we didn’t do that. Not really. Not for lack of trying, you understand, but because we had no idea what we were doing. And so “Burnt” was launched. It was poorly edited, with a miserable title, and abysmal pacing. The results were… well, exactly what you’d expect. Still, a few people slogged through. Fewer still continued with the rest of the series.

After finishing a dozen or so books, and doing a lot of studying & talking to other authors, we have what I’ll call the “beginnings” of a clue as to how to do this thing. Finally.

Fast-forward to now.

The Blood & Fire Saga, just like a phoenix, is being born from the wreckage of what came before. With a better title, a beautiful cover, and (best of all!) an editor to polish it up to a brilliant shine, we are starting this thing all over again.

Keeping with the theme of fresh starts, we’re taking down the rest of the series and giving them the same treatment. They’ll be released over the coming months. We’ve got this new website, and those (few) of you who have followed us on this journey will see a focus and strategy you’ve never seen from us before.

Strap in, guys! We’re setting this on fire!

~ Lyn

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