Blood & Fire Saga

Ebook.jpgBOOK 1: THE SEER

None are reviled more than males gifted with the sight. Cursed by Kosa, god of destruction, all who allow one among them will suffer an agonizing death. Few would be willing to face that fate for the sake of a boy who should not exist. Where Kaie is going, he will not find any.

His peaceful village has been invaded by outsiders from the Urazin Empire. Everyone he’s ever known has been murdered or enslaved. Captured and sold for a handful of coins, any safety Kaie might have found with those who love him disappears forever. He’s exposed, and it is only a matter of time before Kosa realizes what he is.

Kaie has more pressing concerns, though. Because those with magic have a worse fate waiting for them than enslavement. They have their magic – and their minds – ripped away from them by the malevolent people known only as Namers. If his power is discovered, Kosa will never get the chance to come for him. He will be emptied out and made Hollow.

The Seer (Blood & Fire Saga Book 1)


They stole his memories and his life. They destroyed his people and made him a slave. They burnt his destiny to ashes.

They wanted to break him. To make him Hollow. They failed.

Kaie won’t let the Urazin Empire take anything else. He will use the fragments they’ve left him to make everyone pay. Kaie will teach all who stand in his way what it means to cross the Catalyst. Even the gods.
He will be free.

The Forgotten (Blood & Fire Saga Book 2)


Elora was ripped away from her home when she was five years old.

Every day since then, she’s been in the care of a demoness in a harsh desert city far from her family.

She’s been trained in magic and history. She learned to fight and to survive. She was forced to learn how to hide her nature and her wings, else bring down the might of the Urazin Empire upon herself and everyone she cares about. All to prepare her for a mysterious destiny. One that Elora wants no part of.

The Fated (Blood & Fire Saga Book 3)