Reading Backward

About a month and a half ago, I made a resolution. I promised myself that I would read for pleasure at least one hour every day. I used to devour books by the stack. Even a couple of years ago, I was reading at least one every week. But lately, I’ve let life get in the way. Between my day job and working on my own books, I never seemed to carve out the time. So I promised myself I’d carve out enough time to get back that love that is directly responsible for my drive to write.

I’ll probably bring up a lot of what I read here. I’m a sharer. It’s what I do.

I began with new things. Two I loved, one I didn’t really care about. But I found myself drawn to books I’d already read. Like, a long time ago. Specifically, Brent Week’s The Night Angel Trilogy.
In a lot of ways, this is like going back to my roots. They aren’t remotely the first books I read. Not even in the first 1,000. But they were what I was reading when the idea to indie publish was first germinating. I’d just gotten a Nook, after more than a year of swearing I would never leave the physical books behind. These were the very first books I bought. Mr. Weeks went through a traditional publisher, but there was something so untraditional about the whole experience that came from the mixture of the new medium and his unique voice. It lit a fire in me that hasn’t even flickered since.

Kyler Stern may or may not have helped shape Kaie, too. But we’re not talking about that. 😉

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