Rewriting My History

So it turns out that setting up a relaunch of an eight book series is actually a lot of work.

Yeah, yeah, quit laughing.

Honestly, it’s kind of fun (for me… You’ll have to ask Michelle what her thoughts are), and I’m not complaining. But I am occasionally overwhelmed. I’ve been at it for months now, and I haven’t even finished the work to get the second book to the editor. o.O

It’s a bit like sticking my hand back into my youth, ripping out pieces, and trying to make them fit in with the puzzle I’m putting together now. That’s a weird metaphor, which is very appropriate because it’s a weird feeling. I can remember exactly what I was thinking and planning back when I wrote the words I’m reading, but I’m thinking and planning new things now. And then, having to write in new elements that tie to everything Michelle and I have written, while maintaining what’s already there… Ooph. 

And that’s all before the marketing and everything else we’ve got planned for these relaunches.

Moral of the story? Know what you’re getting into when you decide to tackle a project. Or maybe don’t. Because, honestly, if I realized just how much work this was, I might not have decided to tackle it. End of the day, I’m pretty lazy. And what we’re doing… it’s really exciting. Maybe more exciting than writing it the first time.

If you’re in the indie publishing business, and you’ve got some books that could use the same treatment, I can tell you what I’m doing. But, really, you should check out this book:
Relaunch your Novel by Chris Fox. It’s what inspired this whole thing.

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